Tips To Become A Successful New York Fashion Stylist

New York is considered one of the fashion capitals of the world. With the Mercedes-Benz/New York Fashion Week held twice a year, the city is overflowing with all sorts of style and career opportunities related to fashion.

If you have just started on your journey to becoming one of the top New York fashion stylist, you may need these tips to boost your success:

1.Create a comprehensive portfolio of your work
Fashion styling is a highly visual career. Your aesthetic values, fashion acumen, and attention to detail can only be seen by potential clients through a portfolio. Just like a model has a portfolio of headshots and editorial work, so should you. Photos of all your styling will be very helpful to potential clients.

Additionally, establishing an online presence helps. A website, blog, or fan page can be an online version of your portfolio. It will be easier to look you up once you have your information online. Just make sure to have all your photos properly credited and secured with watermarks as necessary.

2.Join a fashion organization
As Heidi Klum would say, In fashion, one day you are in, they next day you are out. The only way to keep up with fashion industry trends as well as the who’s who is to belong to a group like the International Fashion Stylists Association or the Association of Image Consultants International. You do not just get to meet the competition and stay in the know about trends; you also get access to training opportunities, workshops and other fashion industry events.

3.Get yourself certified
Since you are already in the business, might as well establish your credibility through certifications. There will be some exams and portfolio reviews involved, but ultimately, a certification is a great seal of approval. For instance, the Fashion Image Institute offers additional courses in order to get the credential of Certified Fashion Stylist or Certified Image Consultant.

4.Put yourself out there
Starting out as a New York fashion stylist is never easy. Aside from the professional qualifications that you need to have, you also have to muster enough courage, knowledge, and confidence to get clients to trust you with their fashion choices.

5.Grow your network
Aside from joining an organization for New York fashion stylists, you may want to expand your horizon and make friends with photographers, models, make-up artists and just about any person with a career related to yours. You will never know when you will need these people in your network on when they will need you. In some cases, you might meet lifelong friends too.

6.Stay in shape and maintain good health
The life of a New York fashion stylist may be filled with long hours, lots of travel, lifting, and legwork. If your body is not in good condition, it will be very difficult to keep up with the demands of work.

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